ESAB CNC Gas Profile Cutter

Stock No: 12140
Product Name: ESAB CNC Gas Profile Cutting Machine fitted with Burny Replicator 1400 with RS232/422. Year 2001
Description: The servo drives are high performance PWM amplifiers, which provide superior position and velocity control of the cutting process.
Loads a program from an RS-232/422 or Loads a program from the 50 Standard shapes
Dual drive
Track length 6000mm could be extended
4 Motorised ESAB Cooljet Cutting Posts
Cutting up to 300mm
Cutting width 3500mm

Esprit Viper CNC Plasma Profile Cutter

Stock No: 12096
Product Name: Esprit Viper CNC Plasma Profile Cutter
Fitted with Hydefinition Hypertherm HPR260 Plasma
Year 2006
Hypertherm Edge II CNC Windows based control with 144Mbyte floppy disk drive.
Intel Pentium Processor.
CAD generated programs can be downloaded with a visual preview on the colour LCD screen
IHS Torch Height Control
Hypertherm Gas Console
Precision engraver marking unit
Segmented fume extraction cutting bed
Kemper filtration fume extraction system
Hypertherm HPR260 Hydefinition plasma source
Virtually dross free cutting capacity - mild steel 32 mm (1 1/4
Production pierce capacity - mild steel 38 mm (1 1/2
Maximum cutting capacity (edge start) - mild steel 64 mm (2 1/2
Stainless Steel Severance (edge starts) 50 mm (2
Cutting width 1500mm
Overall width 2600mm
Overall length 8000mm
Mains supply 3 phase, neutral and earth
Operator Manuals and Installation manuals

Esprit Cobra 2500 CNC Oxy-Fuel or plasma Profile Cutter Hypertherm

Stock No: 12154
Product Name: Esprit Cobra 2500 CNC Oxy-Fuel or plasma Profile Cutter Hypertherm Edge cnc controls Windows PC based CNC Unit - Year 2003
Description: The Esprit Cobra incorporates the latest developments which take plasma & oxy-fuel cutting to the next level of productivity & reliability.
The Cobra has automatic piercing and high-preheat facilities which are fully CNC controlled is a cost effective solution for applications with a wide range of material thicknesses
Cutting width 2500mm
Track length 6000mm
2 motorised gas cutting posts
Dual drive with rack and pinion
Maximum axis speed 20m/min
LCD graphics display
Designed for conventional plasma cutting applications up to 200Amp

ESAB UXD-P1500 CNC Plasma Cutter Profile Machine

Stock No: 10690
Product Name: ESAB UXD-P1500 CNC Plasma Cutter Profile Machine - Year 1994
Description: ESAB NCE 280 Control or retro fitted with NCE 290 Controls
LCD display with back ground lighting, program format ESSI, 50 standard shapes, serial input 232/422
Working Width/CNC 1500mm
Track Length 6000mm
Fitted with Hypertherm Max 200 Plasma Cutting Unit
Maximum Speed 10,000mm/min
Height Control and Anti-Collision
Dross Free Cut 25mm with Severance Cut from Edge 50mm
Complete with ESAB Extraction cutting bed
Operational Manuals
Mains supply needed are 220 volts single phase and 3 phase
Steel Plate Stacker available if required
Photographs taken on site before removal

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