AMI orbital welder with cold wire feed

Product Name: AMI 227 Orbital Welder x 2 with Open Heads water cooled year 1998 with 158 arc hours and 1995 with 4.1 arc hours

Description: Open head with or with out wire feed model 95 welding head, 79-3500, 95-2375, 2 x 95-1500 tube sizes from 16mm to 90mm Mains Supply 240 or 110 volts 50/60hz 100/150 amps. Operational Manuals in English Up to 100 different welding schedules can be stored in its memory Internal printer, external memory port for additional memory Weight 36kg without cooling Injection pulse start, pulse rate 0.05 to 50pps, Standard software prompts the operator in English, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish and Japanese Pre-programmed/programmable power supply Key switch locks out unauthorized personnel Remote heads up display 227

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