Stud welders drawn arc and CD

Stock No: 12Product Name: Nelson 1400 Drawn Arc Stud Welder with Hand Tool
Description: Full strength welds up to a full 16mm stud
Weld current from 200 to 1400 amps
Mains supply 220/440 3 phase
520mm x 750mm x 770mm
Weight 200kg

Stock No: 10521
Product Name: Nelson TRW Atlas 1700Plus Drawn Arc Stud Welder complete with Hand Gun
Description: Drawn Arc capacity 19mm
Short Cycle 8mm
Operational Manuals
63 amps supply
Mains Supply 220/380/415 and 500 Volts

Stock No: 11582
Product Name: British Federal Strong Hold 75 KVA Spot Welder for Resistance welding. With or without Auto Feed
Description: Strong hold welding machines set the standard for resistance welding machines. Having adjustable reach for spot welding and are easily adapted for projection welding also seam welding Continuous power KVA 53 Maximum KVA 290 Mains supply 380/415

Stock No: 11871
Product Name: Cromparc TC 20 Drawn Arc Stud Welder 1800amp
Description: The cromp-arc tc 20 is an integrated system capable of welding drawn arc studs from 3mm to 20mm fitted with the 4HT unit 4 torches can be used 4 gun system or can be used with 1 gun
Maximum stud 20mm
Welding rate 6 x 20mm studs per min
Welding rate 20 x 12mm studs per min
Max 70 Kva
Mains supply 415,380,240,220 3 phase
W640mm x H1405mm x D875mm
Weight 320kg

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