ESAB SAR 10 ton Welding Rotators

Stock No: 12101
Product Name: ESAB SAR 10 ton Welding Rotators, Self Aligning x 3 sets
Description: Diameter range 500mm to 4500mm
Speed range 60-1200mm/min

Bode SAR 10 Ton Self Aligning Welding Rotators

Stock No: 11995
Product Name: Bode SAR 10 Ton Self Aligning Welding Rotators, 1 Powered unit and 1 Idler unit
Description: Instantly self-aligning to work-piece.Rubber tyres ensure perfect traction.Clutches incorporated in top rollers of drive section to prevent damage to transmission when loading.
The unique design permits the rollers to align themselves to the workpiece without any manual pre-adjustment
Maximum diameter 4600mm
Minimum 450mm
Mains supply 3 phase

Stock No: 560
Product Name: NEW 1000kg Welding Rotators. (Not made in china)
Description: Turning Capacity (Drive & Idler) 1000 kg
Consists of 1 Powered unit and 1 Idler unit
Power Input 1 Phase 110/220V 50/60Hz
Foot Control
Diameter Range 20-800mm
Speed Range, Variable Speed 80-1600mm/min
L 520mm W470mm H 390mm
Shipping Weight 60kg
Positioners and Lathe Type Systems also available with welding positioners or welding rotators
We have been selling this make for over 10 years and have sold many, many units. They are very well made with only a handful of problems occurring over this decade.
Full spares are stocked.
Though more expensive than the Chinese machines flooding the marketplace, the quality of workmanship and reliability of these units cannot be beaten.
These are manufactured to full European standards and certified

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